kristina kozak

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While always a shoe lover with an eye for fashion, it was my time at Louis Boston that truly influenced and increased my love for distinctive pieces, especially shoes. ďI wanted fabulous, fun shoes that stood out in a crowd but didnít sacrifice quality or sophistication. With that in mind I created my own line that is original and intelligent but still reflects a lighthearted approach to fashion.Ē

My shoes are individually handcrafted. Every design is mulled over until it expresses a whimsical, quirky style yet remains classically beautiful. Each shoe is meticulously made with the closest attention to detail... from the stitching to the soles to the detailing, efforts are undertaken to ensure quality and individuality.

All designs reflect fun and happiness and my shoes are meant to add a bit of both to your life. So when you put them on, you canít help but smile and feel happy.